A Quick Guide On Working With Your Crystals

A Quick Guide On Working With Your Crystals


When you purchase or receive a new crystal the most important part of your relationship with your crystal is setting an intention. Some examples of intention setting could be, creating a life with financial abundance, healing anxiety, or finding your purpose. Intentions should be set individually for each crystal you are working with. Here's how to activate your crystals with intentions:

  1.  Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably and still. Inhale and exhale through your nose.
  2. You can either write this down in a journal or speak it out into the universe, "What do I really want?' It's important to remember that at this moment you are simply asking the question and putting it out into existence. Do not force it.
  3. Sit quiet and still for 5 minutes. Visualize your question.



Giving your crystals a sunbath is one way to keep them charged up. Make sure that you do this on a clear day and decide if you're going to charge all your crystals at once or one at a time. Go with what feels best for you. You can place your crystals on your steps, balconies, backyard, or windowsill. Leave them out to charge for a minimum of 5 hours. If you feel it's necessary, you can leave them out to charge for 24 hours. Be sure to Google the type of crystal/stone you have because some may get damaged being out in the sun for long periods of time.


My personal favorite way to recharge my crystals is during a new moon or full moon. To recharge with the moon you can follow the same steps as the sunbath. Some people will even dig their crystals into the soil. In the past, I've participated in a new moon circle where you candle gaze, set intentions, and pull cards to answer any questions you may have in your life at that moment. It's entirely up to you to create a ritual that feels good to do.

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