Crystal Healing

Energy healing is a therapy that is done to promote healing of the etheric or energetic body that exists in all of us. This energetic body exists simultaneously with our physical body, with each having a direct effect on the other. Therefore, energy healing therapies may help us mentally and spiritually, as well as physically. Some of the benefits of energy healing therapies include but are not limited to: 

  • Relief of stress and anxiety by balancing the mind, body, and spirit
  • Detecting and removing energy blocks which may be the cause of physical, mental, and emotional stresses
  • Pain relief
  • Balancing the body’s Chakras for a smooth flow of energy
  • Complimenting all medical healing therapies and rehabilitation
  • Strengthening one’s connection to the Divine
  • Aiding in decision making and being at peace with situations
  • May increase intuition

**It is essential that the client understands that no energy healing therapy can be accepted as a replacement for any prescribed or necessary medical treatment, but is best used as a complimentary treatment. Energy therapists are not able to diagnose or medically treat any illness or condition.

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