Love Thyself Ritual Gift Box

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Love Thyself Ritual Gift Box 

We could all use some love, encouragement, and uplifting vibes so I carefully and intentionally created this box for anyone out there who is looking for a little sweetness in their life 💗⁣

Perfect to give as a gift to yourself or a loved one 🥰⁣

Gift box includes:⁣

Chunky Raw Rose Quartz⁣ - to amplify the love energy in your life/space

Love Thyself Jar (cleansed + blessed)⁣ - can carry around with you in your purse/bag to feel loving vibes 

Palo Santo Stick⁣ - for cleansing negative energy and brings in the good

Sage Bundle⁣ - cleansing ALL energies out of your space 

Tea-light candle⁣ - sets the mood for your ritual

Chamomile Tea Bag⁣ - Relaxes you when you've have a rough day

Instructions on how to create the perfect Love Thyself Ritual included


**If you'd like to add on jewelry to this gift box please send an email to for a custom order