Healing Crystals + Energy Work for Habitual Wellness

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Cleansing your crystals

Crystals hold powerful energy and should be cleanse any time you purchase new crystals. Here's a quick and simple guide on cleanse your crystals.

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Activating your crystals

So you purchased new crystals and have no idea how to work with them. Here is a quick guide on how to activate and program your crystals to work for your highest good, and highest good only.

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Crystal Dictionary

New to crystals? Check out this crystal dictionary that provides you with the names of the crystals you have purchased along with their healing properties and benefits.

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Connecting with Crystalline Energy

Allowing you to let good energy flow and rid of any negative energy in your mind, body, & soul.

I not only bought crystals from Melissa. I also booked her crystals for beginners class. The crystals I received were so much better than I imagined! They were without a doubt superior quality crystals and the energy they brought was amazing! So whether you buy crystals, jewelry or take a class with her you won’t be disappointed!!

Jean L.

Melissa has helped me on two occasions. Once I joined a sound bath with chakra cleansing that was phenomenal. I felt so refreshed and ready to tackle my goals right after. Recently I did a distant healing session that helped me reset and really balance some challenges I have been experiencing. Melissa’s energy channels with such pure intention I have nothing but gratitude for it every time we work together.

Jeneka R.

I have loved my recent crystal purchases. Melissa is super responsive and helpful through everything. The crystals were beautiful and I could feel the positive vibes when I opened the package. I really love the live sales. It's a great way to see the crystals and learn about their properties before you purchase them. And its just fun!

Lily G.